Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who are the real terrorists?

We really don’t understand much theses days. Let’s just look at these recent bombings in London and I will weave a fabulous tale of global finance, organised crime and terrorism. Fiction, or reality?

Here’s the scenario:

At seemingly normal trading offices, computers and their geeks are busy at work. Actually there are several of these offices linked across the globe. Computers and state of the art programs are geared up to monitor various markets: money funds, various stock exchanges, etc. All the offices have televisions tuned into CNN, BBC and other international news groups. Suddenly there is breaking news: another terrorist attack has just hit the London Tube. That’s the sign for action: the “go” is given.

As news of the bombing seeps out to the press, markets begin falling. The markets fall a little more, and waiting for just the right moment, our market sharks move into action. They have at their disposal perhaps several million dollars, if not more, in which to play. Their sophisticated, state of the art computer programs identify at the speed of light the depressed prices of specific funds, money markets and other volatile markets. Soon the sharks have accumulated a large amount of currencies and other stocks at great discounts.

And then they go to lunch.

After lunch, calm has returned to the financial markets and prices are returning to their previous levels. Business as usual. There is a round of high-fives and other congratulations as the level of profit taking is realised. Depending on the resources of our sharks’ bosses, they have had a good day: millions, tens of millions of dollars in profit….maybe even more.

Nice little parable, no? Or is it just a story? Even with the first London bombs, after the shock, anger and sadness, I felt uncomfortable about the entire business. And then two weeks later the “failed” bombs and the usual arrests.

“If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it.”

Bertrand Russell, Roads to Freedom

Could this be related to all the suspicious circumstances related to 9/11 that I had been reading on the Internet? Is it possible that we are being duped? Am I just paranoid along with thousands of others, from conspiracy theorists to the BBC even.?

Al Qaeda?
For example, Al Qaeda DOES NOT EXSIST, never existed and was entirely a creation by Bush and his neo-conservative gang.

Here's three films by the BBC that will open your eyes! There is a great scene of Rumsfelled on TV news showing the elaborate bunkers of Al Qaeda and later you see they found only a few lonely caves.

Baby it's Cold Outside, The Phantom Victory, The Shadows in the Cave (Free download)

Each movie is an hour. Go to "The Shadows..." for the quick fix summary.

There are many folks on the web that have some great and resourceful sites on these subjects.....

(See: The Bulldog Manifesto, for example)

Still a few things to consider...

Organised crime and the financial networks:
“The emergence of a vast global criminal economy and its growing interdependence with the formal economy and with political institutions at all levels is one of the most disturbing features of the new network society.”
We are talking BIG money: arms deals, drug trafficking($400 billion a year!), prostitution and sex slave trade, smuggling of goods and people, gambling, kidnapping, and counterfeiting just to name a few. Much of this money turns up in banks and the stock markets and my little story above might possibly be a viable scenario for certain imaginative elements.

War and more war

Global military expenditure and arms trade form the largest spending in the world at over $950 billion in annual expenditure. (War spending counter)How can the governments in the west justify these huge economies when the Soviet threat is no more? Thus the new war on terror because: war is the health of the state. Who are the beneficiaries of this enormous economy? Comfortable bedfellows for sure are the war hawks and neo-cons together with those whose lifestyles and position depend on the military industrial complex.

Globalization of finance

Let's look at globalization and the crapshoot better known as the stock market. Our little parable makes a lot of sense given the newly emergent networks of global capitalism: "Capital shuttles back and forth between economies in a matter of hours, minutes and sometimes seconds. Favoured by deregulation…and the opening of domestic financial markets, powerful computer programs and skilful financial analysts/computer wizards sitting at the global nodes of a selective telecommunications network play games, literally with billions of dollars….These global gamblers are not obscure speculators, but major investment banks, pension funds, multinational corporations …and mutual funds organised precisely for the sake of financial manipulation......Every corporation depends on what happens in these complex networks, which nobody controls." And let’s add the organised crime groups to this party.

The thing to understand though is that this is a machine: driven and programmed for maximising only profits. This electronically based system of financial transactions is the new monster of Dr Frankenstein, controlling all aspects of our world. Useful factories will be closed, babies will die, wars will be fought, the environment will be sacrificed, child labour exploited, woman forced into prostitution, drugs made easily available in ghettos, social and cultural programs cut, more death-trap cars built at the expense of clean and green transport, and last but not least, governments bought and sold to this global finance creature, all in the name of PROFIT.

Anti-global: the final straw for the neo-cons

The anti-global movement created a vast alternative network centred around non-government agencies (NGA’s). From Seattle onward governments got nervous as we got wiser, more organised, more powerful, more creative. On many fronts, from peace and social justice, sustainable communities and technologies, tax shifting, environment, green energy, grassroot political groups, influential NGA think tanks, workplace, alternative medicine, to organic food, in every aspect of our lives new movements were organised and connected through the Internet. Each of these fronts challenged the hegemony of big business and their government henchmen. Enough was enough. Al Qaeda was born and the war on terror launched and Hollywood, the nightly news and mass media fanned the flames of fear.

What’s it all about?

Lies, fear, and a population who obediently consume.
That is their strategy.
Mine? Hope, and making sense of the seemingly senseless.

Conquer despair. Inform yourselves!

See: http://www.globalissues.org/
Center for Ecoliteracy www.ecoliteracy.org
Rocky Mountain Institute www.rmi.org
World Social Forum www.wsfindia.org/
Great book and writer:

The Hidden Connections, by Fritjof Capra www.fritjofcapra.net/

Power to the people!


At 11:52 PM, Blogger PoliShifter said...

Very Cool Blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Did you hear Brit Hume on Faux News say that the first thing he thought when he heard about the bombings in London was that it was "Time To Buy Futures". What a d*ck.

Anyway, I really like Fritjof Capra. I have talked about him before on my other blog
and my website


You do nice work here...

At 4:23 AM, Anonymous tiziano said...

come darti torto?? non si puo proprio.

c'è una cosa che ancora non ho capito degli ultimi attentati: anche ammesso che siano di mano islamica, che differenza c'è tra quello che hanno fatto loro a londra o a sharm e quello che noi, civile e democratico popolo occidentale, facciamo ogni giorno a loro?!?

a volte mi vergogno della parte del mondo in cui sono nato

ciao gary,
a presto


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