Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Whole Being

The Whole Being

Dedicated to the little policeman in all of us!

I’ve been away for awhile from Blogville. I don’t know- call it frustration with the system: words and more words and nobody hearing or listening. Maybe that’s why we have art. As in music, fortunately we get far beyond words! Yet words CAN soar but HOW to make them soar ever anew: that is the question today.

The original intention of this blog was to call attention to my video series “This Week’s This”.

So for now that is the scope of this entry.

The Whole Being; The Being- whole. The Whole- being. The Earth being whole, the human being whole. With text by Rimbaud and Rudolf Steiner I’ve tried to present this wholeness in its contradictions of good and bad; light and dark; the individual and the collective. It is an Italian video, grounded in some of my work here in the streets of Napoli and Bologna: chance encounters, protests, meetings with light, the city and the environment. And as usual a lot of reflections on myself: the aging body, lost youth, hopes, loneliness…we all know about these elements, no?

Hopefully a thread comes through with the help of some master poets and some less know masters, those sublime and unique persons and their genius: the people. Enough said! Go to the video….and let me know what you have felt and thought. This is the dialogue that I want.

Direct link to video:

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