Monday, January 22, 2007


Apokatastasis: from the demonic to the divine.

From war to peace.

From violence to empathy.

From cruelty to compassion.

Each war epoch (and all epochs seem to be colored by their war) each have their iconic image.
In Vietnam, General Luan in cold blood kills Nguyen Van Lem, a Vietnamese militant.
In Iraq in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison, again an image is stamped on the public’s imagination.

War without end.

What force can turn it around and end this one great and cruel constant of humanity?
Apokatastasis: from Paradise Now of The Living Theatre (1968) this is a theatrical action used to bring the Vietnam war into the theatre; used again in 1973 in front of the Chilean Embassy in New York; and an action we continue to use to speak against violence in all its forms: to show the great transformative power of I-Thou, of the sacred hand, sacred sex, sacred EVERYTHING- to turn it around. The truth is found at this juncture: in the non-fictional here and now between actors- between artist and spectator...between beings.

Link to the video: Apokatastasis

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