Sunday, September 27, 2009

MAHLOUL, A Palestine Journey

Mahloul, A Palestine Journey
Voices from the front lines of the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

April 2009: The Living Theatre went to Palestine and Israel.
We visited refugee camps, social centers, woman centers, squats, villages and cities, city halls.
We did workshops and performances. Mostly we listened.

This documentary gives voice to the individuals and groups living on the front lines in this divided and suffering land. Featured are Israeli "Refusniks" and activists and artists in Tel Aviv and social workers, organizers and artists in Palestinian refugee camps. Heard also are the many voices and personal stories of the Palestinians and Israelis we met who express their hopes and fears in their daily struggle of survival and resistance.

Living Theatre actors also take their theatre into the streets of Tel Aviv and and East Jerusalem and the documentary follows the course of a political theatre workshop.

Maybe it’s a good thing, when a Victor Lierbermann, which is a really crazy, racist man will be elected foreign minister, and Netenyahu will be prime minister, then maybe all around the world, Obama, and especially European countries, will truly understand that we are such a racist country and we are acting in such a violent way to Palestinians living here in Israel, and also certainly to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza, that they will boycott us, and eventually this thing will have to end. Just like South Africa.

Excerpt from a meeting with Israeli activists in Tel Aviv.

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